Aim of the FlexTreat project is the investigation of novel process combinations for enhanced wastewater treatment for agricultural wate reuse. Both, risk management with a focus on enhanced treatment goals, as well as digital solutions for process control are included.
Goal 1 Development and application of scientific and technical guidelines for the safe use of treated wastewater and surface water heavily affected by wastewater for agricultural irrigation, domestically and internationally.
Goal 2 Investigation and optimization of the purification performance of innovative advanced wastewater treatment processes with respect to a wide range of physical, chemical and microbiological water quality parameters, including antibiotic resistance and trace organic contaminants.
Goal 3 Demonstrate the benefits of Digital Green Tech, such as digital twins, online simulation, machine learning or the use of mobile applications, for process monitoring and optimization.
Goal 4 Demonstrate safe water reuse application in agriculture via a combination of risk assessment and risk management across the complete system of wastewater treatment basin, wastewater treatment, advanced treatment, storage, distribution, and irrigation to agricultural product.
Goal 5 Demonstrating the feasibility and supported dissemination of the developed concepts and technologies for water reuse in agriculture domestically and internationally, including the development of stakeholder oriented communication.
Goal 6 Develop inputs for implementation guidelines, including an integrated approach to risk management and a guidance document on "Technologies for Safe Water Reuse in Agriculture" that takes into account the new European requirements.