Work Package 1: Technical Innovation


In work package 1, technical innovations, various technologies are being investigated to expand the spectrum of "best available technologies" for water reuse. The objective is to exploit synergies of the more advanced wastewater treatment for trace substance elimination and water reuse. Many treatment chains require only minor extensions or modifications in order to achieve further treatment goals. The aim is to make these usable through technical innovations. Therefore, FlexTreat mainly uses large-scale and semi-technical investigations, which are complemented by targeted piloting. The technological portfolio is mainly aimed at the requirements for agricultural water reuse in Germany as well as in important international sales markets, for example Middle East and Spain.

Overview of the work packages in "Technical Innovation"
Work package 1.1 Combination of ozonation, filtration and UV disinfection
Work package 1.2 Combination of a near-natural removal of trace substances in a retention soil filter with downstream UV disinfection
Work package 1.3 Combination of adsorption and membrane filtration
Work package 1.4 Disinfection of the effluent of near-natural treatment plants for rural regions of Southern Europe and developing countries using electrochlorination
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